Program Affiliated Faculty

Agricultural Economics William Jaeger, Professor and Extension Policy
Specialist, Agricultural and Resource Economics

Bryan Tilt, Assistant Professor
Sustainable Development, Environmental Risk Assessment, Natural Resources, and Fisheries Management

Biological and
Ecological Engineering
John Selker, Professor
Soil and Groundwater Quality, and Watershed Management
Communications Gregg Walker, Professor
Collaborative Learning, Conflict Management, Decision-Making, and Communication
Geography Aaron Wolf, Professor and Director of Program in Water Conflict Management and Transformation
Transboundary Water Conflicts and Conflict Resolution, Water Basin Technical and Policy Analysis, Environmental Policy Analysis
  Michael Campana, Professor
Hydrogeologist and International Water Expert
  Lynette de Silva, Instructor
Director, Program in Water Conflict Management and Transformation
Water Management, Water Conflict Management, Earth Science Education and Outreach
Institute for Natural
Lisa Gaines, Director
Human Dimensions of Environmental Risk, and Conflict Resolution
Institute for Water and Watersheds Todd Jarvis, Director
Transboundary aquifers, Online Dispute Resolution
Political Science Brent Steel, Professor
Water policy and Management
Sociology Denise Lach, Professor
Water Management and Policy, and Climate Change
Water Resources Mary Santelmann, Associate Professor, Geography
Senior Researcher and Director of the Water Resources Graduate Program
Water Resources Management, Ecology and Biogeochemistry of Wetlands


Collaborating Partners

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