Basin Level Datasets for Anticipating Future

Water Scarcity and Conflict in Oregon



Demographic Datasets:

In order to complete the picture of the picture of Oregon's geography, information was gathered on population and related social and economic variable. This work was completed by the Population Research Center at Portland State University. Thanks to their accomplishments this US Census data is now available by Oregon's river basins in the Map Gallery.

A variety of demographic data is available for both 1990 and 2000 and is listed below:


~Population and Population Density
~Housing Units and Households
~Median Gross Rent

~Race and Ethnicity

~Housing Value
~Income spent on Rent or Mortgage
~Age and Sex
~Tenure (own or rent)
~Employment Industry

~Income and Poverty Status

~Vacancy Status
~Single Family Residential Structures
~Travel Mode and Time to Work
~Urban and Rural Residence
~Occupants per Room
~House Heating Fuel
~Plumbing Facilities



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