Basin Level Datasets for Anticipating Future

Water Scarcity and Conflict in Oregon



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The clear display of information is an essential component to the expression of ideas. Thus several maps are provided below to give a visual understanding of the information available within this web site. The maps are available in either jpeg or pdf format and the data (ArcGIS shapefiles or excel files) to create them is available also. Methods and explanatory writings are available within the pages of this web site and contained within the packets of downloadable data.



~~~~ Hydrologic Images ~~~~
Water Quality Index
Download shapefile
Download excel file of all hydrologic data

Winter 1995-1996

Summer 1996

Winter 1996-1997

Winter 2000-2001

Summer 2001

Winter 2001-2002

Drought Index
Download shapefile
Consumptive Use Index
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January 2001

April 2001

July 2001

October 2001

~~~~ Demographic Images ~~~~
Download dbf tables
Download demographic excel file

Change from 1990 to 2000

Change from 1990 to 2000


Population Change

Population Density

Density Change


Migration Change

Household Income

Change in Income

Rural Residence

Rural Residence Change

Employment Industry

Employment Industry Change

Single Family Residence

Residence Change

Tenure (Own or Rent)

Tenure Change


Vehicle Change

Plumbing Facilities



~~~~ Hydropolitical Images ~~~~
Download event and legal shapefile
Download excel file of all hydropolitical data

News Events by Basin

News Events by Conflict- Cooperation Spectrum

Legal Records in Oregon Courts

Legal Records in Federal Courts

Regulatory Actions
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