Basin Level Datasets for Anticipating Future

Water Scarcity and Conflict in Oregon



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Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database- Houses a database, publications and other information regarding conflict over International water resources.

Oregon Water Resources Department - Oregon's water resource managements home page. More information is available regarding the Water Availability Report System (WARS) and the Surface Water Summaries.

College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University

Population Research Center, Portland State University

United States Geological Survey- USGS

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality- More information on the Oregon Water Quality Index.

Natural Resources Conservation Service- This links to the NRCS Surface Water Supply Index map. Information from this source was used to create the drought index.

US Census Bureau- Information and definition of terms for the demographic variables.


Acknowledgements: Web site created by Kristel Fesler; Population data and images created by Irena Shirkova (and aids) at the Population Research Center; Hydrologic data and images created by Kristen Anderson; Hydropolitical data collected by Marcia Macomber and Kristel Fesler, images created by Kristel Fesler; Oregon elevation image created by Ryan Dey.




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