Basin Level Datasets for Anticipating Future

Water Scarcity and Conflict in Oregon



Hydropolitical Events:

Traditionally water resource studies involve either the physical or social aspect and when studied together a case study is the general format. However, it may be that the most valuable lessons occur when studied in combination over larger time frames and spatial scales. As such, hydropolitical data is becoming more recognized as an integral part of water resources studies. Also, demographic or physical variables are often attributed to cause resource conflict and this dataset series was created to test that idea, to convey the entire scope of possible interactions and to locate them in space over a longer time. Due to the various uses of, and many stakeholders interested in, water resources the range of possible social interactions is quite large and only three different datasets were compiled.

News Events - This excel spreadsheet contains summaries of newspaper articles from 1990-2004. The database classifies the events into a conflict-cooperation intensity spectrum, locates the event into a administrative basin and assigns an issue type to group interactions within the same topic.

Legal Cases- Oregon state and Federal court records were complied to understand aspects of social interactions over water resources. The court of jurisdiction, issue and parties are provided in an excel spreadsheet.

Regulatory Actions- The Oregon Water Resources Board maintains records of water rights violations called Surface Water Summaries. The cumbersome format and alteration of the district boundaries made this a limited resource and complete data is only organized for the years 2000-2002.



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